Helping You Improve

Your Lifestyle With

Home Automation



Create schedules that suit your lifestyle. Turn off your aircon just before you wake up everyday, draw your curtains to wake up to a nice sunrise. Transform your way of living one day at a time with scheduled scenarios through the week.

Full Control

Never forget turning on or off your appliances again. Save energy and optimize the way you live.

Use your voice to control all your devices, that way, you can leave your home in peace and let your home take care of you.

One App, One Home.

Our aim is to provide a one application implementation for your entire home. Having multiple applications to control various home appliances is not user friendly and we would like to change that.


Control multiple devices at a time and send notifications to yourself to be aware of what is going on in your home.

Monitor the status of your home whereever you go. Creating a new way of living, not just with control.

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